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What are Dragonflight Profession Stats?

With the launch of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight (patch 10.0) comes with a massive rework to Professions, including access to profession-based stats which amplify your character’s ability to interact with whichever professions you have chosen. They are given by different sources, but the primary way you’ll get these profession stats is via “Profession Tools”, which get equipped in the upper-right-hand corner of your professions screen, as seen in the following screenshot:

The Alchemy professions tab is open, showing a list of recipes on the right. In the upper right hand side, three slots indicate areas where you can equip tools, which change your stats.

Finding information about these stats has been sparse so I’ve compiled a list of those stats and what they currently do to try and help with clarity. This article is currently being written while Dragonflight is in the late Beta stage, meaning the following information is subject to change in many ways. If any change does happen, I will follow up and update this article to reflect any changes the team makes, but it generally feels as though we’ve settled down into a pretty consistent set of Professions stats at this point. Without any further delay, let’s dive right in.

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Crafting Stats

There are four types of Crafting stats available: Inspiration, Resourcefulness, Crafting Speed, and Multicraft. These are an All-Star line-up of the best parts of previous expansion’s crafting systems all rolled into targetable stats which will make your life better as a crafter. I’ll outline what each does below:


Inspiration is a % chance to become inspired when crafting items, crafting the recipe with [x] bonus Skill. In a nutshell, what Inspiration does is allow you to have a % chance to craft your current item at +1 rank above what you’re currently able to. Skill ties into a new system within Dragonflight, which is a “star” mechanic that dictates the “quality” of the item you’re making- starting with 1 Star and progressing up to 5 Star. The more of an item you make, the higher the quality (or ilvl for gear) the crafted item will be. For example, if you currently are only able to make a 2-Star Great Axe, but you have 20% Inspiration, then you will have a 20% chance for the item to instead be crafted as a 3-Star Great Axe, giving you a higher ilvl than what you can possibly make without Inspiration. This is a bit of a confusing one but think of it as a “percent chance to proc a moment of being better at your profession than you currently are”.


Resourcefulness is a % chance to use fewer tradeable reagents when performing the craft. This is a wonderful one, it has a chance to reduce the material cost of the item you’re currently making. This profession stat might add up over time, saving you extra mats and therefore gold and time from having to fetch more while crafting.
Note: this is scoped to only reduce tradeable reagents, meaning any sort of Soulbound reagent will not be affected by the reduction. 

Crafting Speed

Crafting Speed increase the speed at which you can make items. I don’t foresee this being heavily sought after unless you plan on cranking out hundreds of health pots to restock your guild bank, but having it is a nice option since you can just swap your Profession Tool over to a Crafting Speed set and churn out a lot of goods while saving IRL time watching the crafting bar go by on your screen.


Multicraft gives you a % chance to craft additional items. This is an absolute fan favorite when it comes to Alchemy since you’re often creating hundreds of potions, and you have a direct chance to magically create additional copies when crafting them. If you go to make 50 Primary Stat potions and you end up with 65 of them instead, it’s a pretty great feeling.
Note: Multicraft does not seem to work on armor/weapons/etc., but only works on goods that yield multiple copies of an item to begin with, namely consumables (weapon augments, potions, flasks, etc.). 

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Gathering Stats

If you fancy yourself a gatherer, there are fewer, but still impactful, gathering professions stats in the form of Finesse, Deftness, and Perception.


Finesse gives a % chance to gather more of the primary reagent from the node you’re gathering from. This means if you’re gathering Writhebark (herb) and a secondary material comes along with the gathering action, your Finesse will only grant you additional Writhebark.


Deftness increases your gathering speed. This is super handy if you’re doing a lot of gathering since it allows you to gather more of your material in a shorter amount of interaction time throughout a farming route. Unrelated, but I’m not sure why they called this stat “Deftness” and not “Gathering Speed” since we have a crafting stat named “Crafting Speed”, but hey what do I know.


Increases your ability to spot rare reagents while gathering. This one I’m a bit confused on and might work in one of two ways (this article was written during Beta testing and I will update this section once I confirm functionality pre-launch). The first way is that it might work as a % chance for you to loot rare reagents from non-rare nodes while gathering. Alternatively, this might also prevent the spawning of rare reagent nodes if you do not have this skill, only showing rare reagent nodes if you have Perception on your gear. The second option feels more aligned with how the tooltip reads, but we’ll see how it plays out.