A white cassette tape, with its film pulled out and strung around it, lays atop a bright orange backdrop, invoking a feeling of energetic nostalgia

Early Spring 2020 Music Playlist

I don’t talk about it a lot on stream, but hunting for music is one of my top hobbies outside of video games and cooking. I’ve always grouped playlists based on a number of factors, but try and keep them relatively short in length since I prefer to have a higher number of playlists which are more specific in their focus than a larger playlists which might encompass a wider range. This makes it easy for me to match a certain feeling/mood that I want to listen to, or if I want to go back and listen to music from a certain period in my life for nostalgia/curiosity.

Most of my playlists end up falling into one of two categories: Mood or Time-Capsule.

I wanted to share a few highlighted tracks from my current Spring 2020 playlist that have been buzzing around my head for the past few weeks. This season’s playlist is primarily relaxing and airy feeling, which wasn’t my initial goal, but it’s how things ended up shaking out.

Listen to this playlist over on Spotify or over on Youtube.

Current track list:

  • Amtrac – Accountable
  • Space Invadas – Welcome (feat. Natalie Slade)
  • Popular Computer – Euro Kiss (Outro)
  • Ross From Friends – Talk To Me You’ll Understand
  • Lou Hayter – Cherry On Top
  • KiNK – Leko (Session Victim Remix)
  • HNNY – Most Really Pretty Girls Have Pretty Ugly Feet
  • B77 – Mo Sun