N'Zoth's minions, covered in spikes, eyeballs, and old-god-like features are crawling over mountains and crags in the earth, approaching the camera

WoW Patch 8.3 Reputation Guide

With the release of World of Warcraft’s 8.3 patch on January 14, 2020, there was the introduction of two new factions, the Rajani and the Uldum Accord. Both of these factions will have daily quests available in Panderia and Uldum respectively which reward you with three main items:

  • Corrupted Momentos: a currency used for both purifying “Corrupted” gear, as well as upgrading “Titanic Research” (which make Horrific Visions easier).
  • Coalescing Visions: used to purchase Vessel of Horrific Visions, which are the entrance fee used to enter a Horrific Vision instance.
  • and of course, Reputation.

The primary focus of the 8.3 patch’s content is going to be revolving around partaking in the Daily and Bi-Weekly quests from both the Rajani and Uldum Accord factions in order to collect Coalescing Visions. Once you have enough (10,000) then you can purchase a Vessels of Horrific Visions, which then allows you to partake in single attempt of a “Horrific Vision”– the 1-5 person instance which you need to complete in order to upgrade the Legendary Cloak, “Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve“.

Cloak stuff, cool. So why care about the reputations?

The two factions offer a few beneficial Rank 3 versions for three Azerite Essences, one for each role (tank/healer/dps), as well as pets, a mount, and a reusable Augment Rune to help increase stats. The rewards from each of the two factions will still need to be purchased, usually through paying Corrupted Momentos or Gold, but the cost for them are usually quite low, with the exception being the Mount and Reusable Augment Rune which both fetch steeper prices comparatively.

The Rajani

  • Revered
    • Healer’s Rank 3 Azerite Essence: Branch of Rejuvenating Rings (Touch of the Everlasting)
    • Tanks’ Rank 3 Azerite Essence: Gleaming Star Shard (Spirt of Preservation)
    • Recipe: Contract: Rajani (Inscription)
    • Troop Requisition: Rajani Sparkcaller (recruit a one-time troops for Table Missions)
  • Exalted
    • Lightning-Forged Augment Rune (increase primary stat by 60 for one hour, lost on death, but with a 1 minute cooldown for reapplying– great for raid/dungeon min-maxing)
    • Windfeather Quill (battle pet)
    • Rajani Tabbard (transmog)

The Uldum Accord

  • Honored
    • Void Tendril Pet Leash (alternative appearance for pet leashes)
  • Revered
    • DPS’s Rank 3 Azerite Essence: Token of Death’s Glee (Breath of the Dying)
    • Troop Requisition: Rajani Sparkcaller (recruit a one-time troops for Table Missions)
    • Pygmy Camel (battle pet)
    • Recipe: Contract: Uldum Accord (Inscription)
  • Exalted

Each of the two factions’ reputations has benefits for reaching both Revered and Exalted status, and since both factions’ daily quests are the primary source for the currency needed to upgrade your legendary cloak– it will primarily be a passive grind that will occur with enough time spent doing the daily/bi-weekly events. That said, there are some ways to speed up the reputation gains since access to the very beneifital Rank 3 Essences unlock at Revered.

Reputation Gains by Source

There is three main ways to get reputation from each of the two factions, Assaults, Daily Quests, and Threat Dailies (AKA “threat objectives” or “bonus events”). Before we delve into what each of these entail, I want to highly recommend installing the HandyNotes: Visions of N’Zoth addon. It’s an absolutely lovely tool for helping when working on each zone’s quests for the day. Most notably, it marks the location of Rares, Caches, and Threat Dalies on the map for you so that you’re able to patrol those areas specifically when hunting for spawn rates. The notes are extremely helpful when it comes to Threat Dailies since it will only mark which Thread Dailies are available that day, and as you complete them the map will be updated to reflect which ones you’ve already done, and which ones you still need to do.

A mind-flayer swirls his hands around casting corrupted magic as a nearby citizen of Uldum is trapped inside of a cage, implying that Nzoth is taking over the region.

Zone Assaults

Assaults are the most complicated part of the 8.3 patch to explain in their entirety, but actually partaking in them is extremely simple. Assaults automatically get added to your quest log upon entering either the Valley of Eternal Blossoms or Uldum, which adds a progress bar for you to fill. Killing mobs, hunting rares, looting caches, and participating in the Threat Daily missions will all contribute progress to the bar, but for the most part it’s a good idea to focus on doing your Daily Quests which will passively fill the bar as you complete your Daily objectives. Upon filling the bar all the way up, a Named NPC representing N’Zoth’s army will pop up on your screen as a ‘talking head’ panel, informing you that they want to battle you. Your map will update and the location of the N’Zoth eyeball on the map will represent where you can find this enemy. Upon killing the enemy this will complete your Zone Assault, which can then be turned in along with the rest of your Daily Quests. This is true for all assaults, on both factions, so essentially just complete them every time they’re available and you’ll get a buttload of reputation, a bunch of Coalescing Visions (enough to purchase a whole vessel), as well as a decent amount of Corrupted Momentos.

But when are the Zone Assaults available?
This is where the zone assaults begin to become slightly confusing. There are two types of assaults, Major Assaults and Minor Assaults. At any given time, one of the two zones, either Uldum or Valley of the Eternal Blossoms, will have a Major Assault happening within it. Major assaults last for the full week and can only be completed once. Minor Assaults will happen in the opposite zone of the Major Assault, but occur every half-week, meaning that if a zone is in Minor Assault it will have two assaults per week. Both Assaults then swap every Tuesday when the servers reset, so if Uldum was the Major Assault last week then the next week Uldum will have the Minor Assault and visa-versa.

Major Assaults
Major Assaults last a whole week so you only have to complete the assault for that zone once, then you’re done for the rest of the week outside of dailies. Major Assaults have their zone darkened, reflecting the dark and ominous future of N’zoths corrupted visions. This will also be the location of the Raid Entrance for the week (yes, the raid entrance moves every other week, it’s a tad annoying). Completing a Major Assault and killing the big bad NPC at the end of the assault will reward you with a Cache of the Black Empire (which has a chance for gear), 12,500 Coalescing Visions, Corrupted Momentos, Azerite Power, some gold, and 1,500 reputation.

Minor Assaults
Minor Assaults are bi-weekly and only last 3.5 days, meaning that you can do them twice per week, so be sure that if you’re solely doing Zone Assaults that you check back on the Minor Assault area twice a week to get the second assault so you don’t miss out on reputation and other currencies. Overall the rewards that you’ll get from finishing a Minor Assault will be much less compared to the Major Assault, but the ability to complete the Minor Assault twice per-week makes them roughly equal, especially since they swap every week to the opposite faction, immediately making the reputation gains equal again. Completing a Minor Assault rewards you 6,500 Coalescing Visions, some gold, Azerite Power, Corrupted momentos, and 500 reputation.

Arrows point to a Skull icon and a Box icon, both represent Rare and Cache locations on the map respectively. These are for 8.3's N'zoth Daily quests which need you to kill rare mobs and open caches, which aren't always available, so their locations are shown instead.

Daily quests (+125 Reputation each)

Daily quests are relatively straight forward and seem to spawn in groups of either 3-4, changing location within each zone every day. I’ve personally found that it takes around 20-30 minutes to do all of the dailies for both factions combined, but it seems to be dependent on the spawn rate of the quest objectives which can include everything from killing a certain amount of enemies, to hunting down rare creatures in the zone, to collecting drops from certain mobs. The hardest part about daily quests is ensuing to do them every day on both factions, it does get to be a bit boring after a while, especially if you are not having good luck with finding Rares and you’re just hovering over the map waiting for a while.

An arrow points to icons on the World of Warcarft map, showing that the yellow 'dot' icons represent where Threat Daily Objectives are located

Threat Dailies (125 Reputation each)

Threat Dailies (AKA “threat objectives” or “bonus events”) are small one-off world quests which which do not have quest-givers associated with them, but still grant faction reputation for completing. Both factions will have six of these per day and do not take much time to complete. Completing all six will reward you with 750 per faction, per day, along with 250 Corrupted Momentos. This is an extremely fast way to help gain reputation which might go overlooked. The HandyNotes: Visions of N’Zoth Add-on (mentioned above) provides conditional context to the currently available quests for the day on how to complete them if you find yourself stuck on what to do. Sometimes these threat objectives will have you enter a zone and click on certain items, or arrange a puzzle in the correct way. The nice thing is that these are shared with those around you automatically, so if you interact with the puzzle a few times and someone else solves it before you do, then you’ll still get credit. It’s a good idea to do all six of these, especially if a Zone Assault is happening that day, since Threat Dailies provide a large amount of Assault Progress (about as much as killing a rare mob), so completing all of the Threat Daily objectives is much faster than simply flying around killing individual mobs for progress.

Even More Reputation via Contracts

If you want to get even more experience atop Assaults, Dailies, and Bonus Objectives, you may also apply a Contract which will make any World Quest in Kul Tiras/Zandalar give you an additional +10 reputation towards the faction of your choosing. Contracts last for 7 days and are Unique, meaning you can only have one contract active at a time (no double dipping!). Contracts are nice in that are influenced by buffs/events making the +10 reputation go as high as +15 from sources such as the weekly event where World Quest give 50% more XP, or the aptly named Darkmoon Faire buff, “Whee” which gives you an hour-long 10% xp buff.

If Contracts are too expensive on your server, try looking for someone with Inscription in your guild/trade-chat, then see if it’s cheaper to buy them the raw materials instead.