The golden word FABLE hovers in the air in front of a medieval fantasy castle in the background, with a lush forest and winding river in the foreground, creating a feeling of open outdoor ambiance

Hrothmar’s Picks from Xbox Games Showcase 2020

Xbox/Microsoft held their Games Showcase announcement today on July 23rd with an overall positive reception from the crowds. In this showcase, Microsoft was showing off the upcoming 2020 season of games, focused on the launch of their new console, the Xbox Series X.

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As a PC gamer, the most exciting part of this announcement is that the games today are also going to be available for PC. This is possible through the “Xbox Game Pass for PC“, a monthly subscription that allows you to get access to games through the Xbox App on your PC. Despite not owning an Xbox, Game Pass For PC has me watching this Xbox Games Showcase since I am now included in each of these announcements finally. Watching this Games Showcase felt like E3 events growing up and I am looking forward to the fact that they will be releasing on Xbox and PC at the same time.

I’ve chosen five games (in no particular order) that I’m excited for, and I’ll go over each of them in more in their own sections.


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Avowed is the newest title from Obsidian Entertainment, creators of games such as Fallout: New Vegas and The Outer Worlds. There’s not much info on the game itself yet, but we do know it will be a first-person fantasy RPG set in a world named Eora. This game currently does not have a release date, gameplay, or info on what to expect from it as a whole, but I’m excited nonetheless. For me, seeing the character using hand gestures in the air which leave arcane runes floating in the air is enough to earn it a place on my watch list.

Hand-wavy, Witcher-like spell casting? Hell. Yes. Please.


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Grounded is another Obsidian Entertainment title which got announced today during the Showcase for the first time. Based on the trailer, it appears to be a new cooperative PVE survival game, a first in the genre for the developer. In a wild looking game that combines the aesthetics of both Honey, I Shrunk The Kids! and A Bug’s Life, players appear to play as shrunken kids surviving in the scary scenery of someone’s backyard. The gameplay shows players trying to collect resources, build shelter, and fend off the dangers that lurk in the short grasses of the suburbs. I have always loved the “shrunken” setting, and I’m excited to see a PVE survival game set in this narrative! The good news is that this game has a very sudden launch date of July 28th, 2020, which is less than a week away from its premiere. It will be launching on Game Pass (both Xbox and PC) and is available to pre-load currently, so check this out when it drops next week.

Psychonauts 2

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Oh baby, freakin’ Psychonauts 2 from the lovely folks at Double Fine Productions. It’s been 15 years since the launch of the first game which has gone down as one of the best platforming exploration games in my memory. Psychonauts is a beautiful exploration of cognitive mystery, mischief, humor, collecting, and creative platforming. There’s no specific date for release yet, but it’s still slated as “some time during 2020”. I cannot wait to get my hands a copy of this game to explore the lovely level designs and experience the great story that it’s sure to have.

I played the first game in 2009 (it was old even back then), and even remember watching it featured on TV shows such as G4’s Cheat!


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This is hands-down the game that I’m most excited about. Love it or hate it, Fable is a game that means a lot to me and will always be close to my heart having spent hundreds of hours playing it growing up. The idea that Fable (the fourth in the series, despite the lack of numbers) is going to be releasing on a platform that I actually own makes this even better! Full of secrets, humor, adventure, and game-impacting decisions, the Fable series is one that I am always welcoming of when I see new iterations. My partner, Jess, was even a big fan of the series when she was getting into games, so it’s something that I’m excited to share alongside her <3

Fable was one of the first games I bought with my own money, and the first game I ever “completed”, cementing my interest in fantasy RPG naratives.

Halo Infinite

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The big game that every Xbox player has been waiting for, Halo Infinite is finally here. Heralded in with stunning gameplay, gripping narrative, and even more bad fellers to shoot your spiffy new guns at. While I don’t play shooting games on stream, I’m excited to be able to explore this universe again for the first time in well over a decade. Between the recent re-release of Halo 3 on the Xbox Game Pass For PC and this announcement of Halo Infinite, I’m excited to give this game a shot with friends. It’s been a very long time since I’ve had my hands on a Halo game, and in all honesty I’m excited to give it a play through again, for old time’s sake.

I haven’t owned a Halo game since Halo 2 since the last console I owned was an original Xbox, having played Halo 3 solely through a visiting a friend’s house every weekend.